The vision of CEMAC today revolves around the Regional Economic Program (PER) whose objective is to make CEMAC, by 2025, “an integrated economic space, emerging where security, solidarity and security prevail. good governance “


The main mission of CEMAC is to develop an integrated space and promote harmonious development.

Objectives pursued:
· Ensure stable management of the common currency (CFA Franc);

· Securing the environment of economic activities and business in general;

· Harmonize national sectoral policies for ever greater integration.

· To establish an ever closer union among the peoples of the Member States to strengthen their geographical and human solidarity;

· Promote national markets by removing barriers to intra-Community trade,

· Coordinate development programs and harmonize industrial projects;

· Create a real common market.

The CEMAC chairmanship is rotating every year and is provided by a Head of State .

Since March 24, 2019, His Excellency Paul BIYA, President of the Republic of Cameroon, is the current President of CEMAC.

Main indicators (source: CEMAC Commission 2015):

· Population (estimate): 51 million;

· Area: 3,020,144 Km2

· Population growth rate: 2.9%

· Economic growth rate: 2.8%

· Growth rate GDP / Hbt: -0.1%

· Main products of exp: Crude Oil, Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton Fiber, Logwood, Timber, Aluminum, Natural Rubber, Banana, Diamond, Gold, Manganese, Uranium, Methanol.

· Inflation rate: 2.3%


The anthem of CEMAC was adopted by Regulation No. 13/00 / CEMAC-045-CM-04, for the promotion of the Community.


Under the sky of Central Africa

Torches lit

To chase dark nights

Misery, poverty.

CEMAC is our strength,

The horse of our battle

Standing ! Stand for the victory!

The roosters will sing on our roofs!

Tam-tams, strong crackles!

Griots, sing brilliantly!

Hand in hand, to win the fight,

In the light, concord, and the future will be more beautiful!

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