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CEMAC NEWS (Cameroon strengthens security measures at the border with the Central African Republic)

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The Cameroonian authorities announced on Friday the strengthening of security measures at the border with the Central African Republic (CAR) to counter incursions of armed gangs in its territory.

This measure, according to the governor of the East Region Grégoire Mvongo, is explained by “the resurgence of insecurity in this neighboring country that has repercussions in Cameroon.”

On a socio-economic animation tour in the Kadey department, which shares a long border with the Central African Republic, he stressed that “all initiatives have been taken to ensure that the national territorial space remains untouched”.

In good intelligence with the Central African authorities, this reinforcement of the security apparatus wants to prevent members belonging to Central African armed bands from finding refuge in Cameroon.

According to sources, the two countries that met at the beginning of the week in Bangui, the capital of CAR as part of the second Cameroon-Central African Central Committee, discussed this issue at length.

A decision stemming from the “latest events” in the CAR in March and April 2019, where differences had emerged over the formation of an inclusive government, pushing militias, who felt “aggrieved”, intensify armed attacks and organize the blockade of the country. This resulted in high inflation.

To join Bangui, truckers from Cameroon, where more than 80% of the volume of Central African exports and imports pass, claim that they sometimes spend up to 5 million FCFA as “road fees” with the various armed gangs. .

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cameroon HE Mr. MBELLA MBELLA was received by the President Central African HE Pr ​​Faustin Archange TOUADERA on May 07, 2019.The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cameroon HE Mr. MBELLA MBELLA was received by the Central African President HE Pr ​​Faustin Archange TOUADERA May 07 2019.The Minister carried a message of solidarity and fraternity of the President HE Paul BIYA addressed to his Counterpart and Brother of the CAR. The discussions focused on the work of the Cameroon-Central African Republic High Joint Committee. Bilateral relations between the two countries were evaluated and measured the density of friendship and economic relations between the two countries.

CEMAC NEWS (Nearly 4 billion FCFA to secure the borders of the countries of the sub-region)

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It was at the end of the meeting held in Douala on May 8, 2019 chaired by theGeneral Delegate for National Security (DGSN) of Cameroon, Martin Mbarga Nguele that this resolution was adopted learned

The exchanges of the ad hoc committee of the Ministers of Security of the emigration of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC) focused on securing the borders of the countries of the subregion and the issue of passport biometric CEMAC.

In November 2013, Interpol’s expertise was requested by the CEMAC heads of state (Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Chad, Central African Republic and Equatorial Guinea) to ensure the free movement of people and goods in complete safety.

Six years later, the structures and services needed to strengthen border control must take shape, according to the security ministers of the subregion.

According to Martin Mbarga Nguele  : “  nearly 4 billion FCFA are devoted to this operation”. It is for the DGSN “to secure the borders of CEMAC at national and international level  “.

With regard to the CEMAC biometric passport, which has already been signed by four out of six countries, “  all the formalities have been completed. There remains the impression and the distribution that should begin with regard to Equatorial Guinea,  “reassures Michel Nyama , representative of the president of the CEMAC Commission. According to him things are progressing better despite some difficulties: “  with Chad, we are very advanced, but we have a slight delay with Gabon because he had elections and we did not have a partner with whom to dialogue directly  ”.

According to the experts, the strengthening of the security of the CEMAC is mainly concerned with sustainably supporting the economic development of the sub-region.

CEMAC NEWS (Beac seeks consultant to assess legal and regulatory framework of payment systems in Cemac)

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The Bank of Central African States (Beac) is seeking an adviser to help assess and reinforce the legal and regulatory framework of systems and means of payments in the sub-region.

According to the related call for applications, winning bidder will“assess the regulation 02/03 on systems, means and incidents of payment regarding new texts on interoperability and payment services ; make recommendations on reforms that could be undertaken by Cemac authorities, such as the establishment of a specific regulation on the Central Office for Payment Incidents, etc.

The winner will also have to provide a roadmap for the reform process ; propose draft laws and regulations based on the roadmap. Contract will last 8 months, starting in July 2019.

Bid deadline was May 10, 2019.  

CEMAC NEWS (Cameroon granted 60% of total credits in H2 2018)

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Credits granted in H2 2018 within the Cemac area grew to nearly XAF4,797 billion, up XAF297 billion (+6.59%) from the first half, a Beac report says.

According to the document, Cameroon and Gabon were top providers granting about 87% of the total amount. XAF2,887 billion, or 60% of monies, was from the first country while the second granted 27% or XAF1,302 billion. Congo and Chad accounted for 7% and 3%, respectively, followed by E. Guinea (2%) and CAR (1%). Most of the funds (99.33%) were provided by banks ; this represents XAF4,465 billion. The 7 non-bank financial institutions identified in the region accounted only for 0.67% (XAF32 billion) of total credit granted over the period reviewed.

Beac indicated that the uptick in the H2 2018 was linked to seasonal increase in demand for credits due to year-end holidays and school loans. Yet, the Central Bank says whole-year credit activity was down 6.07% compared to 2017. Total 2018 credit amounted to XAF9,297 billion against XAF9,897 billion the previous year.

Cemac Permits

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Cemac permits is a permit scheme adopted by cemac member states since 2001 to regulate the socio -economical develeopments of central africa states thus bringing growth in the cemac region

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