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June 29, 1959, Creation of the Equatorial Customs Union (UDE);

1961 adhesions of the State of Cameroon to the EDU;

December 8, 1964, the Treaty establishing the Customs and Economic Union of Central Africa (UDEAC) was signed in Brazzaville;

August 24, 1983 accession of Equatorial Guinea to UDEAC;

March 16, 1994, signing in N’Djamena, Chad of the Treaty Establishing the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC);

June 1999, entry into force of the treaty establishing CEMAC;

2010, introduction of the rotation of the first directors of the institutions whose mandate is 5 years non-renewable;

October 2017, signing by all CEMAC member states of the circular establishing the free movement of people and goods in the CEMAC area for all citizens of the community.

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